21 Months!

My baby is so not a baby anymore!! We seriously had a "photo shoot" this morning. She took direction, said cheese when I told her to, she was a champ. It was a little sad. No bribing was even necessary!

Her hair kills me. In fact, I am on my way to the hair dresser tomorrow so I can get some highlights to match her. It is the exact same color as Anth's hair and it is ridiculous cute. It is wavy and super curly on the bottom. I am obsessed with putting it in pig tails, because seriously?! How cute is it?

She is a repeating machine. I seriously have to watch what I say all.the.time because it will come right out of her mouth 3 seconds later. She is FUNNY. She still is obsessed with Minnie and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which is pretty sweet considering we booked our Disney vacation! We are going in May and I cannot wait. Getting on a plane with an almost 2 year old though? A little scary. {Please if anyone has any tips, please help me out!}We are planning on bringing the laptop with a lot of Mickey, lots of lollipops and Mini Eggs and a ton of stickers. Thank goodness it's only a 2 hour flight!

I cannot get enough of this little face. I even look forward to her waking me up on weekends with "Moooommy" repeatedly until I go in and get her. 

She is a little obsessed with Reagan and Olivia. Girl's going to grow up to be an animal lover just like her mama.

Her teeth! She has so many! Although I think she is starting to get her 2 year molars because her hands are always trying to reach back there like she wants to pull out her own teeth.

She is Anthony in a tiny little girl's body. It is insane how alike they are, yet adorable. They totally understand each other and you can just tell how "synced" they are.

Also. I booked her 2 year appointment last week. I can't believe it. On a fun note, I did finally start planning her 2nd (Minnie) themed birthday! I am {finally!} ordering the Silhouette Cameo this week and I could not be more excited! Let's hope it's easy to use!


  1. So cute! LOVE the pigtails. We're going to Disney too. But in August...it's going to be hottttt!! And Maggie's bday party is going to be Minnie, too! We also have a Mickey Clubhouse obsessed toddler on our hands!

  2. Great post, I can totally relate! My little one is 20 months and she is obsessed with The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! We, too, have a Disney vacation booked in May that I can't wait for. Our plane ride will be 3 hours and I'm already preparing now for it! Plan on taking the portable DVD player. I also downloaded some great toddler apps to my Droid where she can draw and stuff like that. Our pediatrician said we could give her some Benadryll before the flight too.


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