Little Bits of Happiness v.2

Little things make me happy. Like eating on our deck on a gorgeous day, listening to the neighbor's kids have a blast outside. This little face which I never get tired of kissing or taking pictures of. A dog that fit's right into our little family and that Quinn has totally fallen in love with.

Life is good. And thank you Stephanie for creating something that actually makes you stop and remember!

This face makes me happy!

And baby toes make me incredibly happy.

A dog that had too many homes at less than a year old and who came into our lives at just the right time.

And that hair.

And how dramatic she can be sometimes.

And this guy :)


  1. oh man... i am slightly jealous of her curls.

  2. Such a great picture set. Love it simple but says a lot about your family. Love it! Great Blog!


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