Our Week

This week we had AMAZING weather. It was in the 70's/80's the entire week and I had to actually paint my toenails because I busted out the flip flops!

 A nice spray paint project  |  My little sidekick  |  Walking in mommy's shoes
Playing on her new table (she is OBSESSED)  |  Rocking the side part.
She makes these faces when I ask for a picture  |  Sass
I love sleeping babies  |  Flowers always make me happy  |  Alfalfa

Hope everyone has a nice weekend! I am headed to the park with Quinn tomorrow to walk my butt off and then let the nugget loose on a ginormous playground. Let's pray it all goes well!


  1. adorable! whats your instagram name? I JUST got an iphone yesterday and instagram was (obviously) the first app I dowloaded. Im having fun! haha

  2. @myattemptatmotherhood!!

    YAY! You will LOVE it.

  3. i love nice weather, makes me so happy. you are such a pretty mama! and she is such a pretty little lady!


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