Your Three Words | 20 Months Old

20 Months.

Baby girl, you are hilarious. Hilarious doesn't even cover it. If I had to describe you in 3 words it would be hysterical, sassy and willful. Oh are you willful. Just to get you to smile in this picture, I had to bribe you with Mini Eggs. In fact, you would give a cheerful little "Cheese!" and then immediately sass me and say "Chocolate?"

You are like my little best friend. You love doing everything with me and you are so independent. You get frustrated easily, and you have severe melt downs when you can't do certain things. But dancing always helps.

You talk like a crazy person. You went from this quiet little baby, who didn't say much to a non stop bi-lingual baby. You know you speak Spanish with Lita and English with everyone else. You are demanding and I love it. I honestly know already that I won't have to worry about you when you're older.

You are ACTIVE. And by active I mean you are non-stop. You don't walk, you run. Although you have developed a mild obsession with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so that keeps you pretty still.

You have become a bit of a picky eater. Feeding you is sometimes war, but overall you are a little moo. You love cheese, Oreo's and pretzels.

You can count to 3 in English and in Spanish! And you use your tiny little fingers to do so. It is beyond adorable. You are amazing and I like to think you are beyond your years intelligence wise. Just like mama. (HA!)

I love you so much baby girl, I can not explain what your little smile does to me. You are my everything in this world and I cannot imagine my life without you. You are the most amazing little girl and I am so proud to be your mama. Cheesy, but 100% true.





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