My 1st Silhouette Cameo Project!

I was SO excited when I finally ordered my Silhouette. After seeing all of the things that Jen has done with it, I knew I had to have it. 

I pinned this bad boy a while ago and I couldn't wait to do it. When Quinn was a baby I wanted to get her an adorable little growth chart with princesses and what not, but then I realized that if I had this, I could put all of my kids on it and it could be put anywhere in the house.Needless to say I am in love and it was so easy to do!

I started off with a 6' piece of wood (which they sell at Lowes pre-cut and everything).

I grabbed two cans of green beans and laid the piece of outside on our deck. I picked up a can of Miniwax stain in Golden Oak and a stain cloth/sponge looking thing. Ok, so actually I tried to stain it inside but then once I woke up from the smell induced coma, I moved it on outside. 

Once I had applied to coats of stain (allowing plenty of time for them to dry in between) I  marked off every inch with a Sharpie. 

Once that was done, I got out my Cameo and using size 200 font cute out 6 vinyl numbers which I just placed on their respective marks. 

 Hubby hung it up and it was good to go! This seriously began a crazy addiction to the Cameo in which I made labels and things for my entire house. But not too bad for my first go around!


  1. Im so glad you posted this! Ive been wanting to do it since I first saw it on pinterest! looks sooo good:)

  2. a fabulous idea! and it looks great! way better than all the marks we have all over our walls from measuring!!

  3. What font did you use? U just used a sharpie for all of the lines? Not Vinyl?


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