Monday, April 2, 2012

No longer a Steppin' Out virgin.

On Quinn: Shirt (or apparently a crop top) & skirt | Target, Tights | Carter's, Shoes | Babies R Us.
On mama: Dress | Lauren Conrad from Kohls, Cardigan | Nordstrom, Shoes (not pictured) | Tory Burch

This weekend was my sister from another mister's baby shower. Tessa and her hubby Ryan are our very best friends. They are Quinn's godparents and I thank God for them everyday. I thank God for all of my friends everyday. We are truly blessed.

They are having a little boy named Nolan and she is due on May 22nd! We already have an arranged marriage between the two so I am really looking forward to welcoming my future son in law. 

Quinny had a BLAST. Because she isn't really used to being around other kids all that much. She doesn't really get the whole boundaries thing. There was a little girl with a necklace on and Quinn went about 2 inches from her face and just stared at it while quietly whispering "necklace" and then started touching it. Thank goodness the girl was a total sweetheart and just smiled at my kid. It was hilarious. It was a great time, the mama to be looked absolutely beautiful and I could not be happier for them and their new little bundle. May just needs to hurry up and get here!


  1. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Love your outfit, and love Quinn's too! We have the same problem with some of Mag's shirts too, darn that toddler tummy! It's so cute though!


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