Your Three Words | Disney is Stressful

We are only a few short weeks away from our big Disney trip and I am starting to get a little stressed out! To be honest, I am beyond excited. The only thing that scares me just a little bit is the flight. Which by the way is only 2 hours long, but still. 

I started making a list, because I am a control freak who needs to have everything written down (and obviously Disney font-ed).

The house we are renting is good to go, the plane tickets are good to go, park tickets have been purchased, now we just have to rent a car and that should be it!

I love vacations, but this seems like it is going to be an exhausting one :) I just want to see the nugget's face when she sees Minnie. Which I am sure will be totally different in my mind. Oh well, I am excited because my mom is coming with us which means Anth and I can get on all the big people rides we want! I haven't been to Disney in 8 years so I am pretty excited to see it with my own little one. Crazy how fast the time goes....


  1. Super excited for you!! I can't wait to take my son soon!

    We nominated you for the Liebster Award :) Hope to send you a few more followers!

    Kait and Michele

  2. I can't wait to hear about your trip! If you blog it, please email me so I make sure not to miss it - we're going in a few months and I want to see how it goes for you!


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