Dear Quinn

After MONTHS, and I mean months, I rocked you to sleep tonight. It was so delicious. You are so delicious.

We had a long day, and you were running on a 20 minute car nap, but you were so good. I took you with me this morning to help Lita with a yard sale and being outside all morning wiped you out!

 Daddy and I took you shoe shopping and then treated you to frozen yogurt. You loved it. While you were a little insane in the shoe shop, you were still good. And cute as always.

Ps. Daddy bought you this outfit today and you looked so.adorable.

I can't believe you let me rock you to sleep. You must have been exhausted. I can't believe how big you are and how you it doesn't seem possible that you are the same 7 pound, 10 ounce baby that I gave birth to almost 2 years ago. 

It's hard to remember how tiny you were and you spent months sleeping on my chest like that. It was the only way you would stay asleep (and the only way I would get any sleep). Now your long legs reach all the way down to my legs. Your once bald little head is filled with curls that look like they came from a curling iron. 

You are so loved little girl. And I hope we always do a good job of never letting you forget it. 




  1. what a beautiful loved filled post for your daughter...
    great pictures!


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