Friday Randoms and Thing's I'm Loving

This week has been a long and un-fun one. But isn't the week after vacation always like that? Add that to the hubby finding out the day after we got back (Mother's Day) that he was working nights this whole week and next week. I never realized how much I needed Anth to fall asleep. I have been falling asleep at 12/1 every night and it's awful. I know, I am old and I am usually asleep by 10. You know, unless the Kardashians are on or something.

Highlight of the week:

My baby can make some mean Q's. I consider myself to be a bit of a baby/child moron. I have no idea when kids start doing things, but I like to think she is somewhat a genius.

You know. Like her mother.

I found these necklaces on Etsy and I am dying to order one. I have been looking for a necklace with Quinn's name on it for a while and obviously, the pink is a bonus.

Anyone else seen these pictures floating around Pinterest? 1. These are genius. 2. How adorable is it that a dad did this?! Makes my ovaries twitch just looking at these. 

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. She is definitely a very smart cookie! Of course, she gets it from her mama!


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