It's that time again...

The tornado that rolls through our house as we prepare for our little nugget's 2nd birthday party. {Did I just say that?!}

Thankfully, our list is much smaller this year than it was before her first birthday. Those few weeks before her 1st birthday were insane.

So this year, I decided to make a list that we can slowly but surely accomplish. Which of course will probably not get done because Anth has started working nights aka I hate life aka I miss my husband.

Being that I am not so good at handling power tools, the hubby has a little list:

- Put up wainscoting in our bar area in the kitchen
- Buy/install new slider and front door
- Finish putting up trim around the house

My duties include shopping {obviously}and getting my spray paint on. There are a few things I want desperately before Quinn's party.

We have a wall like this in our downstairs hallway that I am dying to do this to. 
Whether I get to it is a completely different story.

Now this is really stretching it. But I love that color.

Why does it always take a special event to throw you into a home makeover? Anth and I are KING and QUEEN of procrastinators. Seriously, it's awful. 

And I still cannot believe that our nugget turns 2 next month. I can't even talk about it.

Happy Monday!


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