Little Bits of Happiness v. {i lost count}

I feel like it's been a while since I did a Little Bits of Happiness post! Lots of things to be happy about these days :)

My two love bugs cuddling after being reunited / Way too excited about sitting in her big girl chair /
A much needed cocktail {ps. delicious} / Sex-ay cat /
The hair. OMG the hair. My once bald little baby!


nitty gritty:
1. share words, pictures, anything that represents what brought YOU happiness this week!
2. link up your post, not just your blog! no one likes confusion.
3. link back to mrs. stephanie t. with either a text link or using the button below.
4. lastly, have fun and visit each other! go show your love and see what made others happy this week.

Mrs Stephanie T


  1. Lots of happiness! And oh my goodness, that hair!!!

  2. Ohh you have such a gorgeous family. And that cat is cracking me up :) Love your blog!


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