Weekend Recap | Memorial Day Style

Big holiday weekend for us! Lots of food, lots of money spent, but it was so wonderful. Now being back at work seems awful and I have 2 cups of coffee in front of me.

I am SUPER excited for this weekend I could seriously do a million high kicks! So my besties baby who was due last Tuesday is getting induced Thursday! And Quinn's bestie Brenna is turning 2 on Saturday! And who also are finding out what baby #2 is today. SO MANY BABIES!

Speaking of lots of babies. Anth got a new truck! He had the same Tundra before but it wasn't a crew cab (is this even correct?) Anyway, this new one has a HUMUNGO back seat that can fit a million car seats. So that makes me happy :) And Quinn spent about an hour in there playing. Seriously, she threw a major meltdown when we made her get out.

We have a lot of house stuff going on as of late. We decided to redo the deck because it is ridiculously unsafe and I would love to know what the previous owners were smoking when they put it in. I refuse to believe that they actually paid someone to put in the disaster that is our wrap around deck.

Anth also got a tad excited when he purchased this monstrosity:

Someone has a lot of building to do...


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