Father's Day and some Esplorin'

Father's Day was short and sweet. Anth spent most of the day working on our never ending deck project so Quinn and I actually had some quality esplorin' time.

We started off the day with breakfast in bed and a big surprise for daddy. More to come on that later!

Daddy got to work and Quinn and I spent the day eating, walking and eating some more.

I took her for a walk in the neighborhood next to our house (with no stroller!) and she LOVED it. So did mama, until my 25 pound toddler wanted me to carry her most of the way. Cute? Yes. Exhausting? Absolutely.

Please excuse her hair. I was very tired and I could have sworn I put her pig tails on the same side of her head.

It was a gorgeous day. And I stupidly believed my iPhone when it read 65 degrees.

Later we headed to Anth's parent's house for some yummy food. Quinn and I ended up taking a stroll around their neighborhood which was wonderful. It was breezy, quiet and she was a non stop chatterbox. I also failed to get any pictures that evening of Quinn and her dad. Motherhood fail. I did get some that morning, but I will post those later :)

I hope every deserving father had a wonderful Father's Day!


  1. Looks like you guys had a great day!

  2. How adorable!! I love the collage!!!

  3. Aw- what a fun day!! I love all the pictures. Gorgeous family!

  4. loks like fun for everybody! great pictures!


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