Happy Birthday My Big Girl.

Baby girl, you are 2 years old today. I cannot put into words how unbelievable that is to think about. To say that these past two years have gone by quickly would be an incredible understatement. It is so weird to think about what life was all about before you came along. (We must have had a lot of free time/We slept a lot!)

You are growing up to be such a sweet little girl. You love so much for being so little and it makes my heart so happy when I see you with your baby dolls and acting like such a good little mommy. Your daddy and I have so much fun with you these days. You talk non-stop and you are such a little firecracker of energy. You love going for walks, coloring and most of all eating popsicles on the couch with us. You could honestly down 100 of them if we let you.

You are your father's child because oh.my.goodness are you two identical. Although, I really don't appreciate being the bad guy sometimes but you two are just too cute together. You LOVE the water. We are so close to finishing the pool for your party on Saturday and I cannot wait to see how you react. Every time you see the pool you say "Pool! Daddy fix it!" and it is beyond adorable. You are just such a little ball of sunshine, you really are a good kid. Maybe you just haven't hit those terrible two's yet, but you do a really good job understanding what we tell you, although you do have a mean stubborn streak that lands you in time out sometimes. But the "Sorry mommy, love you" at the end makes me feel better about putting you in there in the first place.

You love cake and demand them at birthday parties. You are starting to really get along with other kids and it is so cute to watch. You still adore Minnie more than anything in the word and you must greet her every morning with a big hug and kiss and you must dance your pants off with her every night before bed.

We love you so, so much little girl. It amazes me every day how it is humanly possible to love something so much. You made us into a family and that is the best gift we have ever received.

I hope you have the funnest day off with Mommy, Daddy and Elmo. These days are so rare and so few and far between but the entire day is yours and we are so excited to spend it all with you, no distractions.

Happy Birthday angel. I love you through and through.


  1. Happy Birthday Quinn!!! Hope you guys have a great day!

  2. Happy Birthday Sweet Quinn!! They do grow up so fast :(

  3. what a gorgeous newborn she was! STILL gorgeous! happy bday sweet girl!

  4. happy birthday Quinn....beautiful pictures!


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