Little Bits of Happiness!

I got a chance to hang out with my son in law last night.

HOLY CRAP. How is it so hard to remember how tiny, squishy and absolutely delicious newborns are?? He is the cutest little thing ever, so perfect and so insanely adorable, I can't wait to give Quinn away to him in about 25 years :)

I spent most of the time with him cuddled up on my chest, the whole time finding it so hard to believe that this is how Quinn slept for the first month of her life.

These little nuggets make me very happy.

We went a whole diaper change, into pj's and into her crib without once opening her eyes. I was a proud mama for how much she will sleep through.

Cute when she does it, not so cute when the husband does it.

Mrs Stephanie T


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