My "I don't sew" curtains!

Last year, I actually purchased black curtains.

There, I said it.

BLACK CURTAINS. I don't know why, I can't explain it. It even doubled as Quinn's backdrop for her 1st birthday (shame). They were clearance and we needed curtains. 

See? Sure they had cute little plant designs on there, and boy did they block out the light. Anyway. Enough of that embarrassment. And don't get me wrong. There are spaces I ADORE with all black and white and it looks chic and stylish. This was not one of those situations. My kitchen has white cabinets and black counter tops. It was screaming for color. 

So being that we are I am re-painting a desk green to go in our kitchen/eat in area, I saw this fabric at Hobby Lobby and I fell in love. (Also, my brain actually failed to remember that I ordered pillow covers from this adorable Etsy store 2 weeks prior in the SAME FABRIC. Fate? I think so.)

Please excuse the cat.

Anyway I got around 6 yards, just to be safe and in case I wanted to something else with it. With my 40% off coupon it all came to $30! Thank you Coupon Sherpa. (Don't have that app? GET IT!)

I layed it down on a flat surface, or the largest flat surface I could find which was my bedroom floor. I needed them to be 84" so I just measures a few inches longer and cut two identical rectangles.

Then comes the fun part. I used this stuff, which I have never used before and it was pretty easy to use. You basically lay it exactly where you want it ( I wanted it to I could just fold over the fabric and make a nice little seam), iron it on for a few seconds and then peel off the white tape. Fold over your fabric, iron it some more, and voila!

I repeated it on all 4 sides (I honestly wasn't too worried about having it looked perfect on the backside. Plus, I eventually, meaning never, plan on actually sewing a lining to it.

After hanging them on some Target curtain rod rings...Instant Curtains! I realize that it looks a hot mess because A) Trim your door Andrea. B) How about you finish the flooring underneath it? and C). I'm sorry. 

We are replacing the door, hence, no trim and no finished wood flooring, gross.

But you can see a peek of our new deck!

Not a huge improvement but much brighter, that's for sure!


Love you hunny :)


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