Thank you Old Navy for making a wearable bikini for mama.

Anyone else loving the weather lately?? Seriously? It's been 80-90 degrees basically this whole week. With our pool finally getting ready, this means I will be spending pretty much the entire summer in my bathing suit. Obviously, not at work, because well, that is frowned upon here.

Old Navy has always been my go to for swimwear. I have a weird body. Let's just say I have not much going on up north and a whole lot going on in the rump region. So finding bathing suits that fit me is a little difficult. 

And Quinn? Seriously what is cuter than chunky monkey legs in a baby bikini?

First off, I could not help myself when I saw these:

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HOW STINKIN' CUTE is this? And a bow?! Yeah. My Old Navy was all sold out of the last one, so I am going to order it online along with probably 8 more. Just give me all of them.

Ok and the part that is not quite as exciting for me.....

Mama's bathing suits. But seriously? I tried this one on at the store and I have to be honest. I didn't hate the way I looked. I honestly think anyone could pull it off because the colors were so flattering. 

And who doesn't love chevron?

And because I have my own pool where I don't have to subject people (only my husband) to me in a bikini I had to get this:

How cute? I am a sucker for bottoms with little ruffle skirts because they hide a.lot.

Hopefully one day I can outfit a little boy for summer :) OMG. Little board shorts.

Thank you again to Old Navy for sponsoring my post. I was compensated for this post as a member of Clever Girls Collective, but the content is all my own.


  1. A friend just told me about Old navy suits being known for their hiding factor after I mentioned I was looking @ one @ Victorias Secret but didn't want to pay the price.. this was the perfect post for me! :] & those were some pretty cute suits!! I really like the first one for mamas!

  2. What cute swimsuits!! Love Old Navy!

  3. I don't deal in bikinis but man are these cute!

  4. Kendall has the blue one with stars. Love it!


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