WW | Daddy's Spitting Image

Yeah, it's pretty sad that I spent 9 months (and 4 days) incubating this creature and she has zero of my qualities. Besides being overall awesome, that is.

She is the spitting image of her daddy, but I love it. Whatever daddy does, Quinny wants to help, wherever daddy goes...well you get it.

It makes my heart happy knowing that she is growing up with him as a father. The kind of relationship I always envied my friends having with their fathers. There's a whole lot of love going on with these two and sometimes I feel like it's me and Reagan watching all the crazy that goes on when they get together. This is probably why there a million pictures of Anth and Quinn because it's so fun to sit back and take them and just watch them together.


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  1. How adorable and I can totally relate...my daughter looks nothing lik me:)

  2. Isn't that funny, you're the one who went through the pain of labor & incubated them for 9 months..sometimes longer & they look NOTHING like you/having any of your personality. I can relate too..

    I love those pictures of her in the shirt! Makes me remember when I had to do that

    1. I know, right?! At least my hair color, I am Spanish for goodness sake! :)

  3. she is the sweetest and i love that our girls look like their daddies!

  4. I found your blog through surfing one night---your little girl is adorable! You should head over to our blog, http://www.thechirpingmoms.com as we have a great giveaway for little girl hair accessories this week!!!

  5. Haha- I can so relate! Zane looks nothing like me at all! All my husband!! She is the cutest though but you are beautiful too my friend!


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