Y3W | Quinn's Birthday Invites!

Last year I wanted to hand make all of her first birthday invites and failed miserably. I ended up designing something quickly and ordering them rushed delivery from Vista Print. (LOOK HOW TINY MY HUMAN IS!)

I hoped this year having the Silhouette, it would make my experience much smoother (more smooth?) And it was. Seriously? This machine did everything for me. I glued here and there and bam!

This is what we ended up with. (Minus the red bar to protect Nana and Grandad's privacy of course.)

I love that you can put a pen in the Silhouette and it will draw instead of cut. This was probably my favorite part of her invites. Although the 50 pack of gel pens I ordered on Amazon didn't fit so there may have been some cursing and pen throwing. But all in all, good times.

The invites looked like a mini version of school folders. On one side, a ridiculously cute picture of the nugget surrounded by all of her Disney friends.

On the other, all the info for her party.

When it was closed you are being stared at by every member of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Cute, right?!

I know I'm no pro, but they made Quinn happy and she was a little sad to see them go in the mailbox. 

Let's hope her party goes just as smoothly!

Happy Friday everyone! 


  1. OMG those are toooo cute!! You inspired me to try making my own this year!!! LOVE!

  2. They are both awesome!!! Great job!


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