Day in the life. Saturdays

I love seeing "Day in the Life" posts, mostly because I am nosy and I like to know details like that. So I figured I would spend a Saturday actually trying to document all the goodness of a regular Saturday! (Obviously, this was done in June and yes I have been that lazy/unmotivated to actually type out this post.)

I usually refuse to get out of bed before 8:30 on a weekend. 

I always wake up to this. I usually sleep in the fetal position to accommodate husband/dog/cat.

Now my day is all better :) And everyday we must give morning kisses and hugs to Minnie!
(Love the Reagan photobomb.)

Never fails. Ps. She usually asks for a picture every morning.

Me and sassy pants having a nice lunch date while daddy spent the day working on the deck.
Took advantage of the nice weather and took a nice long stroll!

That was about as far as I got. Basically, then comes nap time. For both of us. 

Random fact: Quinn takes a pretty late nap. Sometimes she doesn't go down until about 3-4, wakes up as late as 6 sometimes and always goes to bed between 8 and 8:30. Guess that's what she needs! 

Then comes dinner, bath, books and bed! 

Anth and I usually rent a movie on Saturdays (woohoo! party animals!) and I am asleep by 11:00. Sundays are my days to sleep in, so I love going to bed on Saturday nights. Nothing makes me happier :)


  1. I don't know if I've slept in anytime in the past 10 years. Even when The Dudes aren't home I have this weird internal clock that makes me get up by 6am. So, annoying.

  2. I love these posts! She looks so happy in the mornings!


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