Your Three Words | No More Fridays!

That's right! Today is my last Friday at my job and will be going to a four day a week schedule. I am beyond thrilled! I get to hang out with this face one more day  a week!

I am so lucky to work with such amazing people, I can honestly say I am one of those people who loves their job. My boss is amazing and I feel very fortunate to be able to work something like this out. Quinn is a lucky little girl!

Happy Friday! (did anyone else feel like they worked a Monday, Friday and then a Monday, Friday?) Weird. 


  1. YES!! Great short weeks...LOVE them!! How lucky are you!?! I reallly wish I could work something like that out!!

  2. I'm so jealous! That'll be so nice having a 3 day weekend. You're right, this felt like the weirdest work week ever.

  3. That is awesome! YOu will love working 4 days! I do!!! Congrats! And an adorable pic as usual:)


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