So since we found out we were expecting Babmino #2, I have been......a little lazy. Ok, lazy is putting it mildly. I think it hit me yesterday when my husband got home from a 14 HOUR WORK DAY and I had been on the couch all day. He of course had to come home, get a little sleep and then get up and go to work this morning. He was getting his clothes ready for work last night, like he always does and he searched high and low for a clean pair or work pants.

Oops. There would be no clean work pants because I have probably done one load of laundry in the past month. I felt awful. That and the fact that I haven't cooked a proper meal in ages and we have been consuming one too many McDonald's meals. (Not Quinn, just us two fatties.)

Being that Anth lost probably 20/30 pounds when I was pregnant with Quinn, I am loving the fact that he is joining me in the quest to gain as much weight as possible this time around. Can I help it if the two cheeseburger meal is the only thing that sounds appetizing these days?? And I can down a bag of Frito's in record time?


I am waiting patiently for the day when I wake up, don't throw up and feel like I have more energy than just enough to peel myself out of bed this morning.

Anth has been a DOLL. Seriously, the man works harder than anyone I know and he still lets me take naps, doesn't complain and still manages to make me feel like I am not a troll. Which is what I feel like most days. I am slowly headed toward the end of the first trimester and I cannot wait! Needless to say Anth is really looking forward to my "nesting" stage of this pregnancy!

On a cute note, LOOK HOW CUTE. I can't believe she's mine sometimes. This new baby has a lot to live up to!


  1. she is ADORABLE! Love her cheesy smile!
    Don't worry, when I was pregnant I remember saying 'I'm PREGNANT' every time someone asked me why I was eating again or why I wasn't working out. =[

    1. Thank you!

      I might have to start doing's getting ridiculous lol


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