In which I become all sappy. {Blame the hormones}

Junior Prom.

I was having a conversation with my two besties the other day via email. We often have "email chains" and it usually helps my day go by a little quicker. My bestest, Tessa (who recently started a blog!), gave birth to this little cutie back in June. And Jamie, who is due in December, just found out she is having a little girl!

Me, Jamie and Tessa.

The topic got to us having play dates and remembering in high school how we always talked about getting married and having babies together. The fact that it is all becoming a reality now, just kind of hit me. Cue me getting teary eyed at work because I honestly feel like I am so blessed (and obviously pregnant). I am not a huge crier.

The three of us and Kroppy. I have known Kroppy since I was 10 years old! She lived across the Bay Bridge and we played basketball together for 8 years, and magically she attended the same high school as we did!

Truth be told, God didn't exactly deal me the best cards in the family department. I grew up with my foreign little family of 4 my whole life until I met Anthony. Unfortunately some things were revealed later in life where we had to cute ties with two of them. And while some see this as a selfish/stupid decision, I see it as a complete and utter blessing. My kids will never know what I knew. And call me crazy, but I will take one amazing parent over one amazing one and one shitty one any day. Making that decision knowing that Quinn will be a better person for not knowing them makes me

We used to dress up every Halloween and cook our boys dinner. 
Apparently we were in the prime "slutty" Halloween age.

Knowing my children won't grow up the way I did, knowing my children will only know love, being told a million times a day how much they are loved. Having my friend's kids be my kids and my kids be their kids. No drama, no mess, just happiness. I have my mama, who I adore to pieces and don't know what I would do without. The strongest woman I know, and above all, the best grandmother I could have asked for Quinn (and little bambino in the oven).

At my bachelorette party!

What God did bless me with was going to a high school where I would make life long friends sisters.

Me and Colleen on my wedding day!

We have been through everything and back. We all graduated high school, all going off to different colleges and there we still were. Every time we saw each other it was like no time had passed. We saw boyfriends come and go, ups, downs, family drama, tragedy and countless other things. My friends have always been the constant in my life.

We settled into a comfortable friendship with the boys who would later become our husbands. We all joined in each other's weddings standing right next to each other as we said our vows. Visiting each other in the hospital when our babies were born. (Yes, Jamie I will be right up in there when Lilly comes.) We grew up together.

Punta Cana in 2009.

You guys have heard me talk about Colleen many times! Brenna's mama and one of my very best friends. Although Colleen and I didn't go to the same high school together, we actually did date the same asshole guy during high school. Weird, huh?! We met during my junior year in high school and have been best friends ever since. We really started getting close after her wedding and Jason and Anth have been best buds ever since. I am thankful for her baby knowledge, countless impressions and ability to make fun of people with me all day long.

Tessa's bachelorette! 

At Jamie's wedding. That on the right is Shields! A fellow high school friend who never misses a shower/wedding/birthday/important event. Love her.

Family. That I got to choose :)

So at the end of the day (and the end of this huge blog rant) I just wanted to take a minute and put into words how incredibly lucky Anth and I feel to be surrounded by such awesome people. Lucky that me and my friends grew up to marry such awesome guys. 

And that our babies are ridiculously cute.

*All photos from high school have been purposefully not included :)


  1. I LOVE YOU!!! I'm not pregnant and you made me tear up!! I am so blessed to have you in my life!! We have amazing memories and are creating millions more!!

  2. Me too Tess!! I am pregnant but I would have teared up anyway! We love you, Anth, Quinny and bambino #2! We'll always be here! We love you, Ryan and Nolan too, Tess! :)

  3. good for you!! your pictures are fabulous. my friends saved my life and my sanity many times...

  4. What good friends! Such a sweet post!


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