Weekend Recap

This weekend I truly appreciated how much I love having a 4 day work week. I got SO.MUCH.DONE. I think my lack of nesting opportunities last pregnancy (we were still working on our house when Quinn was born and we didn't move in until she was around 2 months old) have made me kick into high gear. I organized all of my kitchen cabinets, pantry and linen closet. 

BONUS. I actually did laundry. 3 loads! If you know me, you know how rare that is. 

On Friday me and my mom took Quinn and all 3 dogs to the Centennial Park. It was such a beautiful day, but I think we may have underestimated how much work was involved. A toddler (who was a DOLL) and the little turds she calls her dogs. 

What saved us? Quinn's stroller. Which they happily rode along in for pretty much the entire 2.5 mile loop around the park. We were stopped by about 98 people who couldn't stand the cuteness.

Then someone demanded Mickey in mommy and daddy's bed where I of course didn't get any cuddles, but she requested "daddy's pillow" and his side of the bed. 

Naked Dance Party. Enough said.

Uncle Jason obviously gives me the best tickles. She could have done this for hours.


 The rest of the weekend was spent sleeping and finishing Fifty Shades Darker. Ok, judge me. I hated the first book. I thought he was a creep. Couldn't put the second one down and now I love Christian Grey. Thank you Amazon Prime, I should be finishing up the trilogy by this week.



  1. Yay for nesting!! Go you! I did my kitchen/pantry about 3 weeks ago, I love it...everything has even stayed in it's place! :0)
    Also love the naked dance party, they are too cute!


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