WW: One Eyed Shay Shay

Meet Shela. One of my mom's two little ones. Poor Shela has been through a lot in life. Hence the one eye and lack of about 11 teeth. Regardless, she is a happy, healthy little nugget with a zest for life, I assure you.

Anyway, while we were eating dinner the other day, Shela was as usual, begging and grunting for food. Quinn turns in her chair and just stares at her for a second, and then turn to us and says "Aww Shay Shay one eye!" and we of course start howling. And we explain to her that Shay Shay had a boo boo and she only needs one eye. I think she understood as she replied "Yeah, Shay Shay one eye....not two."

Day made. Probably not for poor Shay Shay though.


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