16 Week Bumpdate!

A plague has hit our family this week. Hence this post being a few days late. Anth had the fortunate task of working and inhaling lime dust last week which made him dead to the world most of last weekend. We thought it wasn't contagious and then BAM! (bus?)

Quinn is of course a super baby who had half a day of actually looking sick and then was magically cured. I have been trying to fight this off for almost 5 days now! Which made for a nice short work week, but it still sucks. I feel much better today so thank you beautiful infant Jesus for that.

I am shocked that I haven't gained any more weight, although being sick and not being able to taste anything doesn't give you much of an appetite. 

Quinn has been SO.ADORABLE with this little bambino. She kisses my belly a hundred times a day, says "Aww, little baby in there!" She stands firm that it's a girl which means if she is anything like her mama, it is most definitely a boy. 

Our next appointment is next Friday, the 21st and I can't wait! Do we ever get sick of hearing that heartbeat?


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