Bumpdate! 18 Weeks

Last week I was feeling a bit more nauseous than usual, which is getting OLD. So is having to constantly eat so I don't get nauseous. Thankfully this week it has been a little better, I just say hallelujah that my throwing up days are behind me!

I cannot believe we find out what this little bambino is next Friday! AH! Quinn is dead set on a sister. Don't even bring up the word "boy" or "brother". She will not hold back her feelings. And you may get something thrown at you.

I have been nesting.like.crazy. Seriously I have been organizing like a nut. I even tackled my husband's closet and chest of drawers. PS. If you aren't folding your shirts like this, reconsider. My husbands white t-shirts have never looked more amazing. And I may have purchased drawer dividers. Don't judge me.

Clothes have become a struggle. My love for stretchy pants continues to grow, but I feel so limited and I hate that. I am thinking I need to go through my closet and just put things into storage that I have no bloody shot of fitting into within the next year.

Oh and? We started potty training today. But that is for a whole other post!


  1. Oh no, say it ain't so...a pizza aversion???? That is funny that Quinn is dead set on a sister...Glad to hear that your nausea is subsiding!

    1. I know! I just can't down it like I used to lol

  2. Eeek! I'm not pregnant yet, but I can't imagine counting down the days till I find out the sex of the baby! So so exciting :) Congrats!


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