I am in love with this weather.

More park fun! This kid cannot get enough of the playground, and thankfully we live bout 5 minutes away from 839 of them. My mom was making us dinner one night so we decided that we would take her to the playground in the neighborhood next to our house for a quick trip. 

This is her new "nice smile" face.

She loves this playground because it's the only one with sand!

 Such a proud little gal. 

"Dad, are you done now?"

I love this face.

Weirdly enough, she is OBSESSED with slides. But will not go in a swing. Crazy? She will even go down the big kids slides and come out head first laughing. But the kid won't touch the swing. I am hoping it's a phase because she also yells at me when I get on and acts as is the swing is going to kill me. 

Little girl, you crack me up.


  1. Such cute pics! Looks like a great park! Yea, Mags isn't a huge fan of the swings, either. mainly she just loves running around the equipment and going up the stairs...silly!

  2. aw- I love all the pictures. H used to hate swings too but now she really loves it.


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