The mother of month updates.

My baby is 26 months old :( When am I going to stop with the month pictures you ask? Until she goes to her first day of school. These pictures have become pretty efficient though. Hops right on there, fake smiles usually until I get her to laugh and then immediately asks for a Reese's mini. 

We are in and out in a good 5 minutes.

This is my favorite age. I know I say this every time I do a month post, but it really is. She is such a LITTLE HUMAN. I know what you're thinking. Duh. 

But seriously, we have full on conversations, she picks out my shoes and her clothes. She lets me do her hair because hello? "I look like Rapunzel!" Thank you Tangled.

I love that she can do everything with me and that she talks all day long. She loves "her baby" and if she accidentally hits me or kicks me in the stomach she goes "I sorry baby!" She also thinks baby is a girl, so we will find out if this little one is part psychic on October 5th!

She is hit or miss in the food department. She still loves her fruit, always has. She can down an entire fruit tray from Chick-fil-a I am sure. (On a side note has anyone else had the Caramel sauce they serve with the fruit?! GOOD GOD it's delicious.)

Girl loves cars. Anth has been buying her little Cars figurines and a Batman garage which she loves. And by loves I mean loves to "vroom" them all under the couch where I have to somehow get them out.

You are so good when we take you places that even Daddy has started taking you to Costco and to the park. All by himself. You are just such a sweet hearted little girl and we love you to pieces. We are thinking about potty training you soon and you no longer sleep with 3 paci's, only 1. Which has made you extra clingy at night which is fine by me because I get to cuddle with you until I make your entire head sweaty and then I feel obligated to put you in your crib.

You are just plain adorable and I love every piece of you.

Here are some from a few months back that I don't think I ever posted!


  1. Your daughter is SOOO cute and has the most adorable smile. Lol to keeping the months up!


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