Bumpdate! 20 Weeks

Can you believe my gut feeling was right?! I cannot believe we are having a little girl! Excited does not even begin to cut it when I think of pulling out all of Quinn's old clothes.

I am feeling pretty good! I still have a hint of nausea in the morning and sometimes before bed, but for the most part, I feel pretty normal. Actually, that was a lie. I feel like insanely pregnant. I don't quite know how to explain it. I obviously know the largeness that is ahead for me, but I just feel....huge. I am already getting uncomfortable, but by this point with Quinn, my sciatica was so bad I couldn't sit without a heating pad. 

Now, I just have to make sure to get up and walk around every little bit and I am usually fine. Although it will strike me paralyzed sometimes which is pretty entertaining to my co-workers when I try to explain to them that I just have to wait for my ass pain to un-lock itself.

I think I am up around 15 pounds already, which I will take. I have been doing ZERO exercising and eating like an animal, and I was up around 20 pounds with Quinn at this point, so I won't complain!

Let's talk about the nesting. Seriously, I have a whole draft post written about all the projects that have been going around. Let's just say I had my first visit to the Container Store (which was 45 minutes away) and I almost fainted. It was magical. More drawer dividers, labeling and organizing have been happening non stop, but it makes me so happy. Since we are looking to move within the next year or so, I keep telling myself how much easier moving will be with 80% less garbage and clutter than we came in with.

I am still pretty shocked when I tell people I am halfway done with this pregnancy. I guess having a little diablo at home really makes the time fly!


  1. This is the cutest picture ever! I love her smile and you look fabulous!!

  2. CONGRATS!!! You look fantastic and I love the name! I'm thrilled for you!


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