Sandy, you are a B word.

Well, in a surprise move by both of our employers, Anth and I both got called out of work today!

Anth got the generator all set up, and now we are just waiting for the inevitable. We spent our morning eating, watching movies and finger painting! This girl was upset when it was all done.

When Quinn went down for a nap we decided to tackle Day 1 of cleaning out our garage/laundry room.

This is where we started:

Yup, that is utterly embarrassing. We got the laundry room pretty much all cleaned and I even went through all of our Christmas storage containers and organized/labeled everything (there you are nesting!) So tomorrow we are starting the actual garage.

My mom has been cooking up a storm all day so the house smells, delicious, it's clean, and all our candles are lit just in case. And I'm trying to squeeze in as much laundry as I can.

Now if only this stupid hurricane would just go away. I hate hearing all the stories of flooding and trees falling.

I hope everyone stays safe!!


  1. Yep, Sandy is the worst!!! Sounds like you guys made good of a bad situation! Hope things hold out for you!

  2. She is so cute with pumpkin!!! I am jealous you have a generator!! We have nothing and are wo power:( stay safe!

  3. I hope you guys are ok and didn't have much damage!!

    1. We were very lucky! Never lost power and no damage to anything. Whew!


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