Wordless Wednesday | Quinny's 1st Gymnastics Class!

That's my girl! All excited, sad, angry, annoyed versions of her right before her first day of gymnastics last week! "Gymnastics" might be taking it a bit far, more like a ton of 2 year olds getting to go nuts on gymnastics equipment...and a ball pit. It was adorable. They got to sit in a circle and tell everyone their names and favorite snacks. She sang and danced and we happily signed her up for 8 more weeks!

Here she is enjoying her favorite thing. The ball pit.

Daddy of course had to join in.

And the best shot I got of her on the trampoline. Which she learned to love because when she first walked in she jumped right on and then immediately  fell right off. Ambitious, just like her mama.


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  2. How cute!!! I should sign Isabella up!

  3. Seriously how cute is she! She must love it! And daddy is such a good daddy joining in on the fun!


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