Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bumpdate! 25 Weeks

Being that is has only been 5 weeks since my last update....it's about time! I missed 22 and 23 and then I figured, why not wait until 25?

Ps. How stinking cute is that little nugget?? I tell you, Harper has a tough act to follow.

Not much has changed, except the fact that I feel HUGE. I think I have grown quite a bit since my 20 week picture, but by some baby Jesus miracle, I haven't gained any weight in 3 weeks. We took a trip to Williamsburg last week where I probably walked an equivalent of 89 miles a day while running a toddler to the bathroom every time I heard the words "Mommy, I need to go pee!"

We've started buying Harper a CRAP ton of clothing. I still need to go through all of Quinn's things in storage to see what we can reuse, but since they are 2 different season babies, we have just been stock piling full of fleece pj's and outfits.

I am getting VERY excited for February. Maybe it's because I am so much more at ease this time, and we have a lot less to stress about. I can't wait to see this little girl's face and hold that tiny little baby.

Right now, we are getting ready for our 2nd annual Friendsgiving this weekend! A full blown Thanksgiving that we host for our friends, because seriously. We have amazing friends who we are very thankful for. It will be quite a difference from last year in that there will be so many more babies!

Let the eating begin.


  1. I am definitely with you on feeling very pregnant! I am so looking forward to meeting our little guy in February-- and feel the same way. Lots of excitement! (And buying new teeny baby things is also fun...)

  2. You are seriously too cute! LOVE YOU!


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