Family Nap Time

We took a mini vacation last week to Williamsburg with Anth's grandparents. It's becoming a little bit of a tradition (last year recapped here and here) in which we eat way too much food and spend way too much money. of my favorite times of the year. 

We wanted to make sure that Quinn at least got an a short nap everyday because we have learned the hard way that a small nap is much better than no nap at all. Unless you want things thrown at you and fake crying to a level that is almost unreal. 

We decided that since Anth's favorite activity is sleeping and this preggo needed a nap everyday we would all just crash in our bed and see what happened. Let me just add that we have never let Quinn sleep in our bed. We are just those people and all 3 of us really enjoy our own space when we sleep.

But this?



It has made me want to have Family Nap Time every weekend, which I am sure we won't do because we don't want to ruin what an amazing little sleeper we have....but goodness. The utter cuteness of having your baby sleep in between us is just awesome.


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