Hey, Sugar Snap! Review & Diaper Bag Obsession

With this whole nesting thing this pregnancy, I was becoming increasingly annoyed with my diaper bag and how frustrating it was that it took me 20 minutes to find some chapstick. I had been using this cheapo bag I got on clearance at Target for a while and it was doing ok, but I knew I needed to upgrade soon. So after spending a few weeks living with my new little system, I knew I had to share!

So of course, I went on to Pinterest and searched "organized diaper bag" and these babies popped up:

I immediately went on Amazon to see if I could get them with Prime shipping, and 2 days later they arrived at my doorstep. 

{Cue Carlton Banks dance.}

So I eagerly grabbed my bag and took a quick before picture. The following are very embarrassing  and absolutely no prep work to make it look clean for the internet to see. 

Then I emptied everything onto my coffee table and started throwing most of it away.

I cannot explain how much I love the compartments. One: Because everything has a place. Two: So my husband won't ask me where something is every time he goes into the diaper bag.

After cleaning, throwing away, putting everything into it's own place, IT.WAS.MAGICAL. My only hesitation when ordering the files were that the labels wouldn't fit exactly to what I needed, but they are perfect! 

The labels that it comes with are:

Lotions & Potions: Perfect for hand sanitizer, sunscreen, butt paste, etc.
Me & Mine: I use this to keep my chapstick, lip gloss, etc.
Dipes & Wipes: Pull ups, portable toilet seat cover, and the single use toilet seat covers. (Yes, I use the ones that go to the floor, and then place her foldable Dora seat cover over top of that. I hate public restrooms!)
Shirts & Socks: An extra outfit, down to underwear and socks.
Snacks & Supplies: Fruit snacks, Plum pouches, anything else the little one demands randomly when we are out.

Once I had everything in place, I decided that I needed a new diaper bag. Like immediately. I was going to wait until bambino #2 was here to really figure out what my best option was, and I was even tempted to order one of those amazing Petunia Picklebottom ones that everyone raves about.

But then I came across this:

I can't seem to find this exact one online (in gray) but I was SO intrigued by the wipes that were right on the bag because how many times a day do I reach for a baby wipe? About 897 if I had to count. And having a potty trained toddler who I need to run to public restrooms with every time we are out? Amazing. I hang the bag on the door while she goes to the bathroom and my wipes are right there for me, without having to struggle.

What I also adore about this is how wide the opening is. The Sugar Snap files fit perfectly in there and I only use the pockets of the actual diaper bag certain things, such as hand and face wipes because we use those  all the time. Other than those, everything is in it's own little compartment that keeps itself organized. 

So this is my tag team baby arsenal that makes going out with a toddler much less headache inducing.

These puppies are available on Amazon and also on the Sugar Snap website, http://www.heysugarsnap.com

(I actually scored the diaper bag at Babies R Us, with a 20% coupon and cost me a whopping $35.00).

*** I was not compensated for this post. I purchased these and all opinions and thoughts are my own.


  1. Where do you store the rosary now?? Hahaha, that made me laugh so much!! I want those sugar snap dividers now!'

    1. Hahaha! We put that in her room, so she could actually use it.

  2. I'm a total freak for organization! I love all of those compartments, and seriously how true about the husband asking where stuff is when the look into the diaper bag....or anywhere else for that matter!

    1. Ha! I'm glad my husband isn't the only one. I usually give him a few seconds to answer his own question.....works 99% of the time lol.

  3. Wow, what a fabulous review, we so appreciate it! Much love, Team sugarSNAP

  4. Wow! This bag is awesome! So much room! Great review!


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