Quinn Lately. All Sorts of Cute!


I don't even know where to begin with you. I don't think I have done an update on the things you have been up to in a loooong time, but I wanted to make sure I got around to putting into words just how awesome you are these days. (Don't get me wrong, you have always been awesome, you are just all sorts of new awesome these days!) If I had to put it simply.

You are the most amazing kid I have ever met. 

No, I'm not just saying that because you are mine. You are simply amazing. I feel like no matter how hard I try, I will never be able to truly put into words how much fun it is to be your mama. You are such a little spitfire. You have the best personality. A mixture of sass, utter sweetness and downright stubborn. I see so much of your daddy in you. Now, I have to be honest. You probably get your crazy from mama and Lita. Daddy is somewhat "quieter" than the three of us. Everything else, though? Daddy.

Holy crap, kid. Down to your adorable little cheeks, nose and the way you tell me to get out of your spot on the couch. You are your father's daughter. And boy, do you two adore each other. He would give you 67 ponies and every piece of happiness in the world if he could. And that? Makes me one happy mama.

You talk so.so.so.much. I feel like you flipped a switch around the time you turned 2 and you have never looked back. You can sing your ABC's, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus and your personal favorite....Happy Birthday. Which Daddy and I happily listen to you sing on the monitor while we watch you fall asleep (or the hour before you actually fall asleep where we hear you say the funniest things.) You can count to 10 in both English and Spanish (or up to "eleventeen" in English) and you are getting pretty good at knowing your shapes and colors. Probably one of my favorite things about you right now? Tim McGraw's the Cowboy in Me. (aka "the Cowboy Song") Every night you get a bath, after we finish brushing your teeth, we snuggle up in your bath towel and sing it together. And my goodness girlfriend, if you don't know almost every word in the song. It's amazing how good your memory is.

I absolutely adore how you demand to be called princess. I have no idea where it came from, but if we call you "angel" or "sweetheart" in a sentence you say "No, I'm princess!" in the sweetest way possible. If we ask you who your prince is, you say Daddy. Which I thought was almost going to bring your daddy to tears.

You will not, under any circumstances, go to bed with a blanket. It's pretty funny. You love blankets on the couch and to play with, but you want nothing else but your sleep sack when you go in your crib. And not the toddler kind either, with the legs, but the full blown sack. Which makes it pretty funny to watch you toddle around in (and also very difficult to find XL ones)!

We had craft time the other day and you became obsessed with using hot glue. It was beyond adorable. You made an adorable tree for Daddy, in which I thought he might, again, shed a tear. (I promise baby girl, he is not a robot, no matter what he tells you, he does have feelings).

Overall, you are such a blast. You look forward to gymnastics class every weekend and we love to watch you interact and fall in love with your teachers. Gives us some hope for one day dropping you off at pre-school.

You are so loved little girl. I hope you always know that. I don't see how you can't being that we tell you a million times a day :)


  1. She really is all sorts of cute!! And such a great shopping buddy! I hope we can all do that again soon! Love you guys!

    1. She was pretty good that day! We should definitely do that again! LOVE YOU!

  2. What a sweetie! Love that big grin in the first pic. My son also loves his sleeping sack - check out grobags, we order them from the UK and I think they come as big as 6yr old sizes :) Happy to be your newest follower, looking forward to reading ore!

    1. Oh my goodness thank you! I will definitely look into those!

      And welcome! :)


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