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Thanks to Laura from Joyful Shimmy for joining the Blog Swap at A Grande Life!

Keep it Simple! I can easily fall into the trap of making complicated plans full of ideas and details. The reality is that it will overwhelm and I will be more likely to fall off the wagon faster. If I keep it simple and make it easy to follow, hence I will be more likely to take the next right action. 

Make time to brainstorm do-able action steps. Just as important as coming up with the resolution/intention, it is just as important giving yourself time to brainstorm what actions can I take that will bring me closer to my resolution. If you want to lose 10 pounds, this may mean writing a food journal, adding 2 more vegetables to my daily intake. It's the small actions that add up in the long term. Think of this process like training for a marathon. It's going to take some time but you can do it.

Support system. Get yourself a F.I.R.E. posse! Fabulous friends who are inspiring, reliable and eager to see me succeed. You are truly not alone in this journey. I encourage you to connect with other like-minded individuals whether through the blogsphere, in your community, at the gym, etc. Not only will they inspire you to continue to move forward they will also celebrate with you your victories.

Laura Y. blogs at Joyful Shimmy her  experiences as she tackles life lessons on money, finding my purpose and living a happy, healthy life. You can reach at @lryamin and over facebook at http://www.facebook.com/joyfulshimmy  


  1. Great resolutions! I always feel keeping it simple is the best but somehow it ends up being more than simple. #fail

  2. good luck!! keeping it simple makes life easier and happier..


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