Friday Randoms

Seriously? I worked 2 days this week and I am beat. As in, it was the longest week of my life.

This had me howling. Anyone else love pregnancy as much as me? (sarcastic font)

I just ordered this little guy for Harper's room. I have been ordering stuff like crazy this past week!

This is my new obsession and am probably on my way to Staples right now to buy the discbound binder!

Oh yeah and I ordered Harper her hospital hat (with little elephants of course!)

Also, these "This is How I Feel" posts literally make me laugh for hours.

Also I am making zero resolutions this year. Because I just looked back at this and couldn't stop laughing. A big fat FAIL on all that.

And just because:


  1. LOL On the New Years resolution! I am not making any either! LOL!!! Aw- I love that picture!!


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