I miss her.

That face. That adorable little face. Harper was born on a Wednesday, we came home on a Friday and had an amazing weekend as a family of four. Lots of big sister kisses and hugs and overall just love for her little sister. 

Then she got sick. My little baby who never gets sick. Who has had maybe 3 colds in her entire life caught the worst cold of her life on Sunday night. She woke up on Monday with a cough, which she never has had. She has had runny/stuffy noses before, but never a cough. 

Fast forward to Thursday and I decided to call the pedi to make sure it wasn't turning into anything serious. 

Four entire days of not being able to hold her sister, kiss her sister. Devastating. Being her mother and the fact that I am pretty much attached to Harper 24/7, my interaction with Quinn has been limited too. The doctor just said it was a bad cold and to keep her away from the baby as much as possible. 

Then what happens? Anth gets sick. Of course! He has been with her all day everyday while I have been with Harper. It makes me so sad. I want my healthy little baby back so I can cuddle, kiss and lick her face like I used to. 

Anth starts his new job on Monday and it makes me sad we've spent his leave being all sick and separated. 

GET BETTER SOON LITTLE NUGGET. Mommy misses you more than you can imagine!


  1. oh no! Im so sorry! Its never fun with sick kiddos-let alone when you have a new baby and you crave your oldest so bad. I know mama. Good luck I hope everything goes by fast!

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