Ready. For the most part.

This weekend was simply amazing. That's all I can say. Mama and I went to the mall with the little nugget to buy me some "after pregnancy" clothes. You know, cute, XL things. {Scored big time at the Gap by the way!}

We got home, the nugget was so tired so I was ready to bust through the door and put her down when I walk into a house full of our friends and family yelling (or trying to be quiet because they thought Quinn was sleeping!) Surprise!

Let me just say that I consider myself to be a total surprise ruiner and snoop. The fact that Tessa and Colleen pulled this off was miraculous. Especially since they even made everyone drive to the local elementary school and shuttle everyone over so that I would see no cars in our driveway.

It was simply awesome. I honestly have the BEST friends in the entire world. And having a husband that is a complete robot didn't hurt either. 

I feel so much better now and so ready to have this little girl. She is such a lucky little nugget already. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. I cannot say it enough to you girls. And the fact you cleaned our entire house afterwards just makes me want to smother you both with kisses. For realz.

Bring it on baby!

After I pack a hospital bag that is.


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