The Sickies

I am back at work today after being at home for 2 days with this little sicko:

Being that I only work 4 days a week, I am feeling like the awesomest of employees. But seriously? If you are expecting much out of me at 37 weeks pregnant, that's your own fault :)

Poor little girl woke up on Tuesday morning with the grossest of the gross smeared all over her face. She had been really whiny the night before, waking up what seemed like every hour, let out a whiny cry and then fall back asleep. So when I walked in and saw her poor miserable little face, I knew I was done for the day. She was screaming at me "Mommy, I got boogies!" so I didn't let her stay in her crib the usual 30 minutes or so while she woke up. She saw me start getting dressed for work and completely lost it. "Mommy, don't leave, I need you!" Cue the saddest toddler tears you have ever seen. So I did what any normal person would do. I whipped off my work clothes, sent an email saying I may never come back to work because I was never leaving this kid again.

It was heartbreaking. That night, she was so, so miserable we put her to bed and I told Anth, if she wakes up as miserable as she was she was coming in bed with us. He did not disagree with me. Let me just say that in her 2.5 years of life, she has never slept in our bed. So we knew it was serious.

Sure enough, I got woken up in the middle of the night (ok, to be honest I thought I was woken up in the middle of the night only to realize it was 10:30) and she.was.sick. I ran in, made her blow her nose for the millionth time (THANK YOU BABY JESUS FOR BOOGIE WIPES!) and asked her if she wanted to come to mommy and daddy's bed to which she tearfully replied "yes".

Also, this kid is insanely stubborn and a total creature of habit, so after pleading with her to sleep with a pillow, she just wasn't having it. So as soon as I placed her in between us and her head hit our pillow, she was out like a light. It was heartbreaking.

Little did I know, that our little nugget is actually an identical sleeper to her father (shocker, right?). Which means, she moves a lot, she talks in her sleep and she kicks me.

This is how I woke up. She was sideways, Anth had left for work, so thankfully the dog took his spot, and the cat was somewhere on my face.

It was both a very tiring, but insanely adorable night. Every time I woke up and saw this little face it just made my heart happy. I remember waking up when I was kid after having a nightmare and crawling into bed with my mom and I can't believe I have a little nugget that is just as happy to do the same.

Needless to say after waking up, she seemed a tiny bit better, but definitely still sick so trying to go to work just wasn't an option. So lots of movies, cuddling and eating happened again.

She was so much better today I was so happy. Poor girl slept really well in her crib after finally agreeing to a pillow (a Costco sized Princess pillow of course) and woke up a brand new woman.

Now I'm just waiting to catch whatever it is that she had and then go into labor.

Because that is just my luck.


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