Harper Grace | One Month!

Seriously, how did this happen?? I realize February was a short month and all, but what the crap?

This is almost a week late being that her one month appointment wasn't until yesterday, but I wanted to include her stats and compare them to her big sister! 

Weight: 10 pounds, 14 oz (!) -- 84%

Height: 22.4 inches 91%

My little chunker!! Which is so strange. I will say I am not used to cleaning poop out of thigh rolls. But I love it. 

For adorable purposes, this was Quinny at 1 month!

Also? iPhone cameras sure have come a long way.

She was 10 pounds even and 22 inches at her one month appointment. So Harper has almost a pound on her big sister! 

I love seeing how different these two are turning out to be.

Love my girls. 


  1. They grow too fast don't they! Both incredibly cute girls!


  2. Just think at 1 month she was only .4 inches longer than Nolan when he was born!!! I love that she has little baby rolls! And the comparison picture of baby Quinny, adorable!! Love them!! Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!

  3. Ohhh just perfect! Love her elephant and polka dot chair:)

  4. Love her!! And her big sis! And you!!

  5. shes so adorable check out my story


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