Learning to suck it up...and let her have some fun.

This little one has really built up a love for all things paint/crafts/MESS.

Which is wonderful!. But for the control freak in me? Not so much.

I have slowly been letting Quinn just let loose and be a kid when it comes to things that are messy. I force myself to sit back, watch her make a mess, have fun....and enjoy it. All while drinking an imaginary cocktail.

My grandfather lives in Peru and is an artist. She talks to him from time to time on the phone and she always says she's painting "just like Lita's daddy!' It is beyond adorable. And Lord knows she didn't get the artsy gene from me. 

She could literally occupy herself with anything paint related for hours. 

But my favorite?

This stuff. The finger paint that only shows up on special paper and nowhere else. Not even on their little fingers. 

But being the smart little thing that she is, she only tolerates this for a few minutes until she realizes that it's not nearly as messy as real finger paint. No matter how hard I try to convince her how awesome it is.

It's all about balance, right?!

Next up? Puddle jumping in the rain. Maybe.


  1. Oh, I am exactly the same way! He loves to paint and do arts and crafts and somedays I just don't have the energy to get all the stuff out and then clean it all up afterwards. But then I do because I can see how much he enjoys it, just like Quinn is here in the pics!


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