Dear Quinn {medical scare edition}

Written on 3/27/13

My Quinny. Today must have been the most heartbreaking day I have ever experienced with you.

You've been sick for a week today. With a slight fever that won't stay away and a neck that makes you cry in pain.

Daddy took you back to the doctor today. Mama had to call and make an appointment because you were so not your self today. Having a meltdown and crying over EVERYTHING. Every time I asked you whether you were ok you would melt into a puddle of tears.

I even made you cry harder when I sat there with you on the bathroom floor just crying together. I'm so sorry baby girl.

Tomorrow mama takes you to get your blood drawn to rule out who knows what. I don't admit it, but I'm scared. I just want you ok. I want you happy and most importantly I want you healthy. It kills me that I can no longer give you 100% of me. I want to just hold you an kiss you all day long. But I am very grateful she is still so little!

Whatever it is that's making you so sad I want it to so desperately go the F away. Tonight I will pray extra hard that you get better.

I love you so much baby girl. So, so much.

Trying to catch up on the craziness that was this weekend! Whole story to come soon!


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