Our {updated} Day in the Life

I'm linking up with Melissa's Toddle Along Tuesday!

I have 3 more blissful weeks left of my maternity leave which I do not even want to talk about. SAD FACE.

Ok, so ill only be going back 2 days a week, but still. No.

Our routine around here is pretty relaxed. We wake up for the day around 8:00. Harper usually wakes up first around 7:30/7:45. Although some days it's more like 8:30/9:00 and I'm trying to convince her that is the way to always do it.

So ill wake up and nurse her and then go get myself ready for the day. This involves pumping and a little mascara if I'm feeling crazy.

The oldest nugget awakes around 8:00/8:30 screaming "MOMMY I MISS YOU!!"

It's a lot cuter than it sounds.

Harper and I will usually go get her and te morning snuggles begin. She immediately asks to to hold and kiss her sister.

We make your way downstairs after teeth have been brushed and then mommy gets to enjoy se coffee and blogging while the Quinn eats her breakfast and Harper takes a morning snooze. Breakfast is always either bagel and cream cheese/Nutella, cereal, oatmeal, lots of fruit and then of course half of whatever I'm having.

And Disney Junior of course.

Depending on the weather we will go somewhere (Target) or the playground, blow bubbles outside or do lots of crafts inside a la finger painting and gluing things to other things.

We all eat lunch together and then it's nap time for the oldest nugget 2. We read books and usually talk to ourselves for quite a while before falling asleep. Some days she doesn't take a nap, but she stays in her room until 4. So thank goodness I at least always get a solid 2 hours of time to myself. (With the littlest nugget of course.) I usually spend this time catching up on laundry, cleaning, crafting, or blogging. Or let's be realistic, catching up on Real Housewives.

Hubby is home by 4 and spend the rest of the day being lazy and silly and we always eat dinner together. I usually get dinner ready when he gets home, so that is always a nice little break too.

Bedtime is around 8, so it's usually baths by 7:15/7:30.

Anth reads to Quinn every night and we trade nights actually putting her in her crib. On nights where it's my turn, Quinn always screams for me to come in her room and I walk into this:

They think it's hysterical to be fake sleeping and she knows I take a picture every time, so she demands to see it as soon as she hears the click. I have a collection of about 267 of them.

Once the little one is put down for the night, we relish in the beautiful sound of NOTHING. Sleeping babies are my absolute favorite.

The hubby and I spend all of this time in bed watching Big Bang or the Kardashians which he says he hates, but secretly loves. And then we are all asleep by 10.

My how our lives have changed, but I wouldn't have it any other way :)


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