The Honest Life and other gross things I learned.

Has anyone picked up this book yet? Because if you haven' definitely need to.

Available here

It was a very easy read and once I started I just could not put it down. I've been on a bit of a "eco-friendly" kick and I have to say I have really enjoyed it. I started doing a lot of reading regarding chemicals and healthy and now that I have two little nuggets I want to make sure that they grow up surrounded by only the healthiest things. (With an occasional french fry tossed in there.)

The book goes into great detail about food, beauty and cleaning products and a whole lot of information.

A little bit of advice: Get a notepad and jot down some notes! Or grab those little post it flags for easy referencing.

I ordered this book on Amazon a few months back and I have really enjoyed playing around with all of the different cleaners. That kind of sparked my interest as to what I was using to clean my house beforehand. 

Trust me when I tell do not want to know.

The Honest Life goes into great detail about things that are put into our everyday products. So of course after I finish reading it, I go and buy a boatload of products from

And I am in love. 

My favorites?

The All Purpose Spray, the toilet cleaner and hair conditioner. It seriously leaves Quinn's hair feeling like silk!

So if you haven't given them a try, do so! It actually is pretty affordable, espeically if you compare to the "green" products you buy from the store. And let's be honest. Me and the UPS man are on a first name basis. 


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