Baby Memories

If only I was able to keep them this little:

Ugh. That makes my heart hurt. Even if Harper is only 2 1/2 months old!

When Quinn was born I threw her hospital shirt and hat into a shadowbox with promises to make it pretty. Almost 3 years later after her sister came along, I finally got to it. 


This is what lived in our bedroom when Quinn was our only little stinker. 

I know. Fancy, right?

Well, one purchase of fabric later, I transformed this and a matching one for Harper. And I added some cute little additions, like their hospital bracelets and footprints.


I love love love it and I stare at it all the time. Especially Quinn's because I simply cannot believe that she once fit into that tiny little shirt. 

Once I had finished Harper's I couldn't wait to get done with Quinny's. 

And here they are all up on our wall. I know they aren't perfect, but they are a bitch to undo in the back, so that's how they will stay! 

The shadowboxes are from Michaels and both were purchased with a 40% off coupon. The fabric is from Spoonflower and only required one yard for both. 

Now both my girls little-ness is captured forever in that little box :) Hope they still have this fabric by the time #3 comes! Which will not be for quite some time :)


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