Harper's Baptism! And too many pictures.

We got our littlest nugget baptized last Sunday. I was so worried the little chunker wouldn't fit in her gown which Lita brought from Peru, but thank goodness her neck still fit into it. 

I know this was Harper's big day, but Quinn?

Holy moly princess. She was obsessed with this dress and was so sad at the end of the day when she had to take it off.  

She was just mad that I was ruining this cute moment with a photo.

For some reason we thought it would be a great idea to have an hour long mass. With about 78 children present. Our friends just keep on breeding, what can I say?

Harper's Godparents! And the beautiful babies that come with them :)

All the babies were amazing. Seriously, angels. And Harper as usual didn't make a peep. And the fact that she looked like a legit angel baby. I could have smothered her in a million kisses. 

Also, fellow Catholics. When did we do away with the "And also with you?!" So it may have been a while since we've been in church, but for real? We felt like total idiots every time he asked us questions. We both would have 2 different answers. Into a microphone. I'm sure we got the stink eye from the Priest on more than one occasion.

She thought it was hilarious!

Cutest moment of the day: 
The Priest telling Quinn to do the sign of the cross on her sister. 

Poor stinker was so hot we ended up taking off her shoes and socks!

Love. I just need to Photoshop Aunt Jamie and Uncle Matt in!

Mi madre.

Harper with her great grandparents.

"I'm hungry now."

COULD YOU DIE?! My son in law.

Rare mama/baby photo. 

"Granddad's holding the baby! SOMEONE TAKE A PICTURE!"

My girls. Love love love.

Kisses for the party girl!

Overall it was a pretty amazing day. I know I always say that but when all our friends are under one roof, it makes me very happy. My kids are very lucky and having everyone around always makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. 

Thank you for being such a sweet little angel baby, Harper. The fact that you are insanely adorable and love to sleep make you a perfect fit into our family :)

Now, feel free to stop growing. 


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