My Oldest | Dear Quinn

Dear Quinn,

Oh my.

I cannot explain how much I have enjoyed you since your sister arrived. The fears of being able to handle two kids at home are long gone. You make life so easy for your mama. And you will never know how grateful I am for that!

While I can see the sassy 3's coming, you are SUCH A GOOD KID. I don't know what I did in life to deserve you, but I am so glad you are mine. 

And since you've become a big sister? Well, my love for you, my little nugget, has grown in ways I never thought were possible. You are quite simply the best big sister to Harper. You have never once been resentful, destructive or a pain to her. You have showed her nothing but love and kisses since the day she came along.

You are my mommy's little helper and best friend. We fight, because we are both stubborn, but we love even harder. My goodness, being a mother to you is such a joy. Even the "bad" parts. 

I love you so much little stinker. Even thought I tell you that 7,928 times a day, you will never quite understand it, I guess until you become a mama yourself. (TEARS!)

But a good mama you will be, that is for sure.




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