My Perfect Mother's Day

No presents, no flowers, and I secretly loved every second. Just don't tell my husband that :)

Being that I am not returning to work anytime in the immediate future, I am a bit more strict with money that my adorable husband. Why? Because he loves to spoil.

Lucky girl problems, right?

I got greeted by my oldest nugget showing me all of the cards her and daddy bought for me. To which she only showed me the drawings she had made and when I asked to read them, she replied "That's ok there aren't any words."


I spent the day relaxing on the couch, Dunkin Donuts, and having my hubby hang and fix various things around the house. It was heavenly.

We had plans to have a picnic at a nearby park, but it was insanely windy and didn't want to take Harper out to be miserable and trying to eat a cute meal as all of our food blew away.

Anth grilled us some amazing steaks to go along with our mashed potatoes and corn on the cob and then we attempted to take as many pictures as we could.

When it was all over? I realized I didn't get any pictures of just me and the girls. I know. Story of my life.

It was a great day filled with lots of hugs because "Mommy, is it still Mother's Day?" obviously means she wasn't allowed to say no to me!


You would have thought it was Father's Day!

I did realize I didn't get any pictures of me and the girls, so Anth quickly took about 30 in 10 seconds. Later to realize that there was no memory card in the camera. 

On another note, I am also the unluckiest person on this planet. 

Hope all of the mamas out there had an amazing Mother's Day filled with lots of hugs and kisses! 

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